Writer, Producer & Promoter

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Explainer Video: Meet LeggUP

The Project: As an HRTech startup, LeggUP needed an explainer video to use in brand awareness campaigns, sales outreach, and marketing events. Yet to develop and solidify a brand voice or product positioning, the explainer video needed to set the tone for all conversations moving forward while remaining versatile and timeless due to low marketing budgets and frequent product changes.

My responsibilities: 

  • Sole script writer
  • Hired & managed video production company
  • Review, modify & approve final storyboards, video drafts, and VO

Product Videos: Redbarn Dog Treats

The Project: Brand loyalty is difficult in the dog treat space as consumers value variety and price, but after 25-years of building relationships with mom and pop pet stores, Redbarn was looking to make the shift from B2B to B2C. In an effort to connect with pet parents instead of pet stores, Redbarn launched their first video advertising campaign.

My Responsibilities:

  • Editor of video scripts
  • Overseeing brand perception and promoted product info
  • Building and managing post-production advertising campaign

Notable Achievement:

  • Vetted, hired, and managed PPC/social media ad agency, earning 10MM+ YouTube video views in the first year

Educational Videos: Coldwell Banker Real Estate

The Project: In a former life, I was set to be a top-selling Orange County real estate agent. Unfortunately, the only part I truly enjoyed was creating my own marketing content. With a strong broadcast journalism background, I'm even more comfortable in front of the camera than I am behind it.