Bold Necessities

Marketing & Sales Collateral

Marketing & Sales Collateral

1. Brochures / Flyers

I created this postcard, in collaboration with a graphic designer, for a product launch kit. Included in a box with treat samples, a branded treat jar, a natural toothbrush for humans, and promotional stickers, this educational postcard informed the pet store owner recipients about Redbarn's first-ever dental dog treat. For the ambassadors/influencers who received the same box, the postcard provided all the pertinent information to educate their followers while offering a discount code!

This 5x7 postcard fit perfectly into branded notebooks as hand-outs at conferences and to give to potential clients after 1:1 meetings. I wrote and designed this postcard in Figma.

2. Program Guides

While clean, crisp, and concise copy often wins the heart of consumers, there is still a time and a place for long-form marketing assets. From Benefit Guides to Program Overviews and Company/Product Catalogs, I love bringing a brand's personality into what would otherwise be a dreaded, overly technical document.

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"We went through so many rounds with previous people, and it just never worked. It was clear Jenna understood what our audience needed to know from her first draft. I credit low attendance on introductory webinars because our employees already had all the info they needed in the guide."
— SVP of Employee Benefits

3. Case Studies

I wrote and designed this case study.