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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

1. Redbarn Pet Products (B2C, B2B2C)

As the leading dog treat manufacturer in the US, Redbarn Pet Products was a family-owned, multi-million dollar brand ready to expand their portfolio into the billion dollar industry of kibble. The only problem? While their 25-year roots in the industry resulted in dominating shelf space in mom and pop pet stores across America, their brand awareness was non-existent in comparison to leading kibble brands. Not only are treat customers inherently less loyal than kibble customers, Redbarn’s website design felt archaic, and their messaging dry and oddly scientific.

website content by copywriter and brand manager Jenna Murrell
Visit the website: to read my copy, still in use two years later.

With the goal of driving brand awareness and affinity ahead of the launch, I drove the brand messaging, copywriting, and website redesign aspects of the brand refresh. 

Notable Achievements:

  • Built and executed new SEO-driven content marketing strategy, increasing organic traffic from an average of 30k to 70k+
  • Responsible for 2019 website redesign (lead copywriter for main content, head editor for blogs, and manager of design agency)
  • Launched Redbarn’s 1st B2B email marketing program, averaging a 51% open rate

Favorite Taglines:

  • Your Dog Loves Meat. We Love Your Dog. (Dog Food Launch)
  • Chew-A-Bulls— Brush, Smooch, and Go! (Morning Daily Treat for Dogs)
  • Crafted by Our Family, Loved by Your Pets (Family-owned was central to their positioning)

Additional Samples: 

2. LeggUP (B2B)

As an early-stage HRTech startup, LeggUP was struggling to connect with their target audience. For a product designed to empower employees and improve the chaotic lives of HR leaders, their messaging leaned too far into science, becoming robotic rather than leading with humanity, empathy, and solutions. My first project was to revamp their website content, which first meant crafting the company's brand positioning, voice, and messaging.

Visit to view the final product!

Notable Achievements: 

  • Crafting and enhancing brand positioning and voice, combining storytelling and simplicity for a memorable and consistent message primarily for HRTech
  • Vetted, hired, and manager SEO agency, resulting in +116% organic website sessions, +458% clicks, and +79% average session duration in 6 months
  • Introducing new brand positioning/product category in "Talent Empowerment"

Favorite Taglines: 

  • Your People Stay, or We Pay! (Talent Insurance reimbursement)
  • Treating Wellness Before Illness
  • Let's Get Back to People & Culture, Together

Additional Work (including design elements):  all samples available upon request

  • Program Overviews
  • Benefit Guides
  • Sales Collateral / Info Sheets
  • Hand-outs

3. Podcast: Talent Empowerment

Here's the podcast opener I wrote, to help set the scene for the purpose of this podcast: 

"Welcome to the Talent Empowerment Podcast, where we lift up people leaders so they can lift up their organizations. I'm your host, Tom Finn, co-founder and CEO of LeggUP. Together, we'll learn how to drive people innovation, how to transform HR into People Ops, and how to secure buy-in to disrupt the status quo. And as I like to say 'it's finally time to stop smoking on airplanes' and move from a culture of talent management to talent empowerment." 

My Responsibilities: 

My voice is all over this podcast, except you don't actually hear it. I'm responsible for everything but hosting!

  • Ideation of podcast brand and theme
  • Implementation
  • Guest booking
  • Video post-production
  • Social media marketing

Notable Guests: 

  • Nasdaq's SVP of People Experience & Diversity
  • Intel's VP of Org and Talent Capability
  • Webflow's Head of DEI

Additional Content: 

  • Website (geared towards elevating the executive presence of host Tom Finn, CEO of LeggUP, and his work in the "talent empowerment" movement.
  • One-sheeter

4. Ghostwriter

Like a chameleon, I craft copy to match the personality and tone of brands or thought leaders.